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        • 2023-11: DOASENSE becoming a standard of care in Italy and Estonia [read more]

        • 2023-09: DOASENSE announces new partnership with PHILCARE as appointed exclusive distributor for the Philippines [contact details]

        • 2023-05: New partnership with Eurobio Scientific -- appointed exclusive distributor of DOASENSE solutions in France [read more / contact details]

        • 2023-02: New study published in STROKE, provides evidence for using the DOAC Dipstick test to identify patients for prompt thrombolysis [read more]

        • 2022-12: In-person meetings are back! Meet the DOASENSE team and products at these 2023 congresses: [read more]

        • 2022-07: New study published on the use of the DOASENSE p
          oint-of-care test to detect DOAC exposure at a large Emergency Department [read more]

        • 2022-05: Editoral emphasizes the relevance of the DOAC Dipstick test [read more]

        • 2022-03: Latest data on the DOASENSE DOAC point-of-care test presented at GTH 2022, honored with Best Poster award [review congress presentations]

        • 2022-02: DOAC Dipstick testing can reliably exclude the presence of clinically relevant DOAC concentrations in plasma [download open access paper]

        • 2022-01: DOASENSE announces new partnership with Mediq as appointed exclusive distributor for Estonia [read more]

        • 2021-12: Value of DOASENSE's rapid POC test for DOACs mentioned in Australasian Anaesthesia Blue Book [download the Blue Book and refer to pages 160 & 163]

        • 2021-09: First meta-analysis published on DOAC Dipstick for detection of Direct Oral Anticoagulants in patient urine samples [download open access paper]

        • 2021-05: DOASENSE rapid test suite for direct oral anticoagulants receives ANVISA approval in Brazil [read more]

        • 2021-04: ANTICOAGULATION FORUM’s latest guidance on the “Reversal and Treatment Strategies for DOAC-Related Bleeding” includes our DOASENSE point-of-care test [read more]

        • 2021-04: Watch the recording of a great webinar on "DOAC Testing in Critical Care", organized by our partner Haemoview Diagnostics [watch the webinar here]

        • 2021-02: New scientific and clinical analyses of DOASENSE's DOAC urine test to be presented at GTH 2021 Virtual Congress [read more]

        • 2021-02: UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provided guidance on our DOAC Dipstick point-of-care test for detecting direct oral anticoagulants [read more]

        • 2021-02: Germany’s Federal Joint Committee (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss G-BA ) decided to expand guideline for care of hip fracture to include regulations on testing for DOACs, mentions DOAC Dipstick as suitable test [read more]

        • 2021-01: DOASENSE expands availability of its products to Portugal and Spain, partners with BIOMETA [read more]

        • 2020-11: DOASENSE announces new partnership with SUNMEDCARE as appointed exclusive distributor for Brazil [read more]

        • 2020-09: We are delighted  to announce the appointment of A De Mori as exclusive distributors of DOASENSE solutions in Italy [read more]

        • 2020-07: New performance data on DOAC Dipstick and DOASENSE Reader presented at ISTH 2020 [read poster PB0590 and PB0525]

        • 2020-06: Our product suite is now registered with the Australian TGA and locally available through Haemoview Diagnostics [visit Haemoview]

        • 2020-05:  KBM Pharm joins the ranks of exclusive distributors of the DOAC Dipstick IVD test, addressing the markets in South Korea [contact details]

        • 2020-04:  MEDISTA has been appointed as exclusive distributor of the DOASENSE product suite for the Czech Republic [go to list of Distributors]

        • 2020-02: Industry Expert Remi Corlin joins DOASENSE as International Markets Consultant [read more]

        • 2020-01: DOASENSE will present its suite of point-of-care DOAC tests at these upcoming conferences:
          • ANIM, Karlsruhe (Germany) -  30 Jan - 1 Feb  (booth # 27)
          • GTH, Bremen (Germany) -  18 - 21 Feb  (booth # 65)

        • 2019-12: "Thrombosis and Haemostasis" editorial emphasizes the innovation of DOASENSE's DOAC Dipstick point-of-care test [read editorial], and publication on multicenter study favorably reviewed by NATA [read NATA review]

        • 2019-11: New publication on postmarketing multicenter study confirms strong performance of DOAC Dipstick point-of-care test for direct oral anticoagulants [article]

        • 2019-10: DOAC Dipstick featured in "Game Changer" section of new update on laboratory assessment for direct oral anticoagulants [article]

        • 2019-10: DOASENSE has appointed Haemoview Diagnostics (HVD) as exclusive distributor of its DOAC point-of-care test suite for Australia and New Zealand [Contact HVD]
          Distributor HITADO/SYSMEX serves Germany, Austria, and Switzerland [Contact HITADO]

        • 2019-09: DOASENSE exhibits at these upcoming fall 2019 conferences:
                  • FELS, Freiburg (Germany) -  8 NOV
                  • DGN, Stuttgart (Germany) -  25 -27 SEPT
                  • HAI, Berlin (Germany) -  19 - 20 SEPT

        • 2019-07: DOASENSE Announces Commercial Launch of the First Complete Suite of Products for Rapid Point-of-Care DOAC Testing [Read more]

        • 2019-01: Meet us at these upcoming 2019 conferences:

        • 2018-11:   The DOAC Dipstick point-of-care test is now commercially available in Germany through HITADO [ORDER HERE] / Der DOAC Dipstick Point-of-Care-Test ist nun in Deutschland über HITADO erhältlich [BESTELLEN SIE HIER]

        • 2018-08:   Meet us in Munich during the ESC 2018 at booth # G620. And please also visit the websites of Thrombosis UK, which recently featured latest data on our DOAC Dipstick test [Link]
        • 2018-07:   We are getting ready for ISTH-SSC. Please visit us in Dublin at booth # H2.
        • 2018-05:   The International Council for Standardization in Haematology (ICSH) has included DOASENSE's DOAC Dipstick test in its 2018 Recommendations for Laboratory Measurement of Direct Oral Anticoagulants [ICSH Guidelines]

        • 2018-04:   We have started the controlled launch of our DOAC Dipstick test with select clinics in Germany.

        • 2018-03:   Join us at these upcoming conferences and trade shows, where DOASENSE will be present with a booth:
                  • DGK 2018, Mannheim (Germany) - April 4-7 - Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society
                  • ISTH-SSC 2018, Dublin (Ireland) - July 18-21 - SSC Meeting of the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis
                  • ESC 2018, Munich (Germany) - August 25-29 - Congress of the European Society of Cardiology

        • 2018-02:   DOASENSE's exhibit at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis Research (GTH 2018) in Vienna received broad interest from the attending community

        • 2018-01:   Our patented DOAC Dipstick product was CE marked according to European Directive 98/79/EC (IVDD)

        • 2017-12:   The Quality Management System of DOASENSE GmbH has been certified by LRQA in accordance with ISO 13485:2016  [Certificate of Approval]

        • 2017-08:   DOASENSE press release on presentation of first-ever Point-of-Care urine test for Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs)  [Read more]

        • 2017-07:   DOASENSE is proud BRONZE SPONSOR of the ISTH 2017 in Berlin

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