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Pioneering Novel Approaches to Testing for DOACs

Where We'll Make a Difference

DOASENSE’s mission objective is changing the landscape of testing for DOACs (new synthetic oral anticoagulants) with novel & quick point of care urine tests

ER Situation
A rapid assessment of the anticoagulant effect of non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (Direct Oral AntiCoagulants – DOACs) by point of care testing (POCT) is an unmet clinical need:
- in specific patient populations, or under certain clinical circumstances
- for confirmation of compliance, or for patient self-testing

The determination of DOACs has long been limited to blood sampling approaches, with all their potential limitations.

DOASENSE develops products for specific testing for DOACs in urine

Tests which are easy to use and easy to interpret, reproducible, and patient friendly
Typical clinical scenarios where testing for specific DOACs can be of value

    • Stroke (e.g. before thrombolytic therapy)
    • Trauma
    • Emergency procedures
    • Evaluating for venous thromboembolism
    • Spontaneous hemorrhage
    • General surgery or invasive procedures (e.g. dental surgery)
    • Other situations where medication history may not available

In each of these situations the objective is establishing the absence of DOACs in the patient prior to procedure
NOTE: DOASENSE(TM) products are not yet available.

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